The Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program Management Office brings together a new team of educators, businesses and government entities. NIAS fosters learning and academic achievement by working with researchers, educators and industry leaders alike, creating a safe, fulfilling, and academically enriching climate for the future of UAS research and development.

The Future Begins in Nevada

The State of Nevada, with its extensive restricted airspace, exceptional flying weather, multiple airfields, and the capacity to handle everything from small low-speed aircraft to supersonic vehicles, provides an environment ideal for researching, developing and testing the latest in UAS technologies. The State’s operating base locations and testing sites enable testing and research across a variety of scenarios and in a manner that protects the public’s trust and privacy. All of these factors, combined with the proximity to a skilled and educated workforce as well as industry-leading companies give NIAS solid ground on which to lead the development of the next generation of UAS technologies and services.